We are a one-person company in Switzerland which provides aloe vera products. I'm Julija Steinmann, the founder & CEO of Aloe Vera GmbH and I would like to tell you the story behind my company:

Like a lot of people I always had the dream of starting my own business. What makes my story unique is how I got there. When I used to travel to Mallorca for vacations I became more and more interested in the culture and the country itself. I literally fell in love with Mallorca and its inhabitants. I often made journeys trough the middle of the country, because the nature was so beautiful. I was attracted by the small villages and the silence. One day I drove along a huge plantation, where hectares of green plants rose from the ground. I can never get this image out of my head. There were thousands of plants. As i took a closer look, I realized that these are beautiful Aloe Vera plants.

So I went to the farm and asked for a sightseeing tour and explanation about the valuable plants. I could never imagine that they would give me such an informative insight about the usage and properties of Aloe Vera. For about 4 hours, I visited the farm and my interest about the plant awakened.

The more I learned about the plant, the more I felt the urge to give people the same knowledge, because it is such an amazing plant.
And so I founded the Aloe Vera GmbH with my dear distributor from Mallorca.

Now I can help my husband with his diabetes and hypertension. I love my work and the ability to help other people.

Since I have this company, I've started with yoga and Ayurveda. The mix of all these knowledge makes me happy and healthy. I hope you like my page and please enjoy it!


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Julija Steinmann